Sell Pop MP3 Player

Pop MP3 Player
1, Clever appearance
2, Support various of music format:mp1, mp2, mp3, wma, wmv, asf, wav;
3, FM radio playback;
4, Function of free drive U disk;
5, Display lyric ;
6, Record with MIC and save it to a voice document of WAV and ACT;
7, 7-EQ: Natural, Rock, Pop, Classicality, Soft, Jazz, Heavy base;
8, Various type of play mode:Normal, Cycle single song , Play directories, Cycle directories, Cycle all , Play random, Browse to play;
9, Shut down timely;
10, Full-cartoon menu.

Technical specification
1, Overall size:
2, Weight:
3, Display Screen: Lattice(128*32) LCD, Seven-color back light or single light
4, Connect to PC: High speed USB2.0 (read:1000K/s, write:750K/s)
5, Power Supply: Inner Polymer Li-battery. Play time MAX 10 hours
6, Record: Sampling rate 8KHz / Record format: WAV(32k bps) , AC(8k bps) / Record time: 35H(ACT,128M Flash)
7, 128M Flash memory;
Biggest output of earphone (L)10MW+(R)10MW
MP3 bits rate 32k bps 320k bps
WMA bits rate 5k bps 195k bps
Frequency response 20Hz to 20KHz
Degree of distortion: no more than 0.05%
9, Music format:MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV
10, Supported operating system:Windows98/SE/ME/2K/XP, Mac os 10/Linux2.4.2
Supply Capacity
50,000 units per year
Available Colors