Sell Pop MP4 Player

Pop MP4 Player
Functional overview
1, Support various audio formats of MP1 MP2 MP3 WMA WMV ASF WAV;
2, Unique movie function of AMV;
3, JPEG browses available;
4, The TXT text reads available;
5, Game function;
6, Different dimension disk function, encrypt parts of sizes adjustable whole, guarantee personal privacy;
7, A radio with high fidelity FM of whole frequency, total 20 conservacy broadcasting stations of 20+
8, Support the synchronous manifestation of the screen lyrics, learn to record the fast convenience of flyrics;
9, Humanization thin go in to fade out to broadcast, make ear feelling more comfortable;
10, The complete sketch turn the interface operation and can move the disk docuent to clip the management;
11, Inside place the microphone , high fidelity recording, continue the recording and can amount to 35 hours;
12, The USB 2.0(FS) connects, the tallest speed amounts to the 100 K Byte/s;
13, The strong functon expands the ability, passing the on-line firmware upgrade;
14, The convenient fragment A-B replies to read, the high fidelity contrast follows to read, 16 the segments become to broadcast soon;
15, Support the Window 98/ME/2000/XP, and the Mac OS 10. The Xand the Linux Kernels are more than2.4.2, dont need to install to drive the procedure;
16, Nine precise electricity of classes quantity supervision manifestation;
17, Seven kinds of machine with balanced tone color;
18, Support 25 national language speeches.
Supply Capacity
50,000 units per year
Minimum Order Quantity
5 units