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The porcine circovirous ELISA Test kit is used for the detection the porcine circovirus antibody in the serum; assessing the immunity conditions against porcine circovirus in the pig farm; and for the investigation of the epidemiology of the porcine circovirus.

Brief Introduction
The test kit is made from the antigen coated microplate, enzyme conjugate (HRP goat-anti-pig IgG) , and other reagents; it applies the indirect ELISA principle to test the antibody against O type antibody of porcine circovirus in the serum.

The test kit is the antigen coated microplate made through the inactivation, purification and concentration of the porcine circovirus. In the test, the diluted contrast serum and sample (to be tested) are added, and incubate; after that, if the sample exists porcine circovirus specific antibody, it will be bound with the antigens of the microplate; eliminate the unbound antibody and other compositions by washing , and adding enzyme conjugate (anti-pig IgG-HRP) to specifically bind with the compound of antibody and antigen of the microplate. Then the unbound conjugate is removed by washing, add the TMB substrate in the well, to react with HRP into a blue product. After discontinuing the reaction by adding HF solution, test the OD value in each reaction well with ELIASA at 630nm wavelength.
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