Sell Porcine Circovirus type 2 Virus Antibody Test Kit

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Enzyme immunoassays for the qualitative of IgG antibodies against PCV in pig serum or plasma.
The PCV 2XR Test Kit is an enzyme immunoassay designed to detect the presence of antibody to PCV in swine serum. A microtitration format has been configured by coating PCV antigen in alternating columns on the plate. Upon incubation of the test sample in the coated well, antibody specific to PCV forms a complex with the coated viral antigens. After washing away unbound material from the wells, an anti-porcine: horseradish peroxidase conjugate is added that binds to any porcine IgG antibody attached in the wells. In the final step of the assay, unbound conjugate is washed away, and enzyme substrate and a chromogen, 3,3",5,5" tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) , are added to the wells. Stop the reaction by adding stop solution. Within 15 minutes READ the absorbance at 450nm using 630nm as the reference wavelength if available.
96Tx2 MTP Microtiter Plate
11mlx2 ENZCONJIgG Enzyme Conjugate IgG
20mlx1 DILBUF Sample Diluent
12 mlx1 A Substrate Solution A(contain Urea hydrogen peroxide)
12 mlx1 TMB Substrate Solution B(contain TMB)
25 mlx1 WASHBUF Wash buffer(25 x concentrate)
1.5mlx1 POS Positive Control
1.5mlx1 NEG Negative Control
12 mlx1 TMBSTOP Stop Solution
6 FOIL Adhesive Foil (For covering of Microtiter Plate during incubation)
1 BAG Plastic Bag (Resealable. For dry storage of non-uesd strips
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