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leaf porometer

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This is steady-state porometer. the principle is the vapor exchange between leaf and air, use the mothod of air exchange, measure the relevant humidity, temperature of in the leaf, thus get the Transpiration speed of the leaf, and measure the temperature of the leaf , calculate the

Water vapor gradient, according to vapor transportation impedance formula, thus get the stomatal resistance or stomatal conductance

air humidity: 0~100%RH; accuracy: 0.1%RH; :<12%(0~80%) , <14% (80~100%)
7 Air temperature: 0~500;0.10; <10.20

7 Leaf area temperature : 0~500; precision: 0.10; accuracy: <10.20

7 Flow meter range: 0~1L/min; precision: 0.1 L/min; accuracy: <12%

7 screen: 20W2 LCD

7 recorder: 32KB

7 ourput: RS232

7 power: 6V, 7AH rechargable battery

can store 1400 times data.