Sell Portable Air Purifier

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Working Voltage: DC3.0V
Input Power: 0.15W
Negative Ion Concentration: 1-3 million/cm3
Ozone Concentration: <0.05ppm
Working Temperature: -20~60 centigrade
Working Humidity: RH20~80%RH
Product Size: 75*55*22mm
Weight: 50g

Functions and Characteristics
1. Release high density negative ion , kill bacteria efficiently, prevent bacteria from spreading , eliminate odor, smell and sweat of body.
2. Ease tiredness, increase work efficiency, improve heart function, excite blood-supply, regulate blood pressure, and enhance immunity.
3. Even if you are in the hospital, cinema, big store, meeting room, elevator and crowded public place or plane, tour bus, it can purify your surrounding air effectively.
4. It is helpful for people who has been staying in the air conditioner room for a longtime