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With the test force controlled by a shear pin, the PHB tester has three types of application: bench, portable clamp and hammer impact.

This tester can be used in any direction to test any part of the workpiece. Its mainly used to test the hardness of metal products with big grains and uneven microconstructions, such as large-sized forgings, castings, rollers, or those parts that assembled, inconvenient to move or not allowed to be cut, and to test the hardness of nonferrous metals, annealled metal materials and most of steel raw materials.

Compared with the common-used Leeb Hardness Testers, the Brinell tester has higher precision, fewer factors that affect the testing accuracy, lower requirement on the surface roughness of workpieces. With F/D2 ratio of 30, the PHB tester has an equivalent test condition as the Brinell test with 3000kgf and 10mm ball indentor. The test result meets requirements of common standards and do not need to be converted. Brinell readings can be converted into tensile strength (σ b) through conversion tables.

Test force: 1580kg;
Accuracy of test force: 12%;
Range: 100-700HB.
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