Sell Portable Dental Unit

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Power Supply: 110-240V, AC 50/60HZ

Power: 390W

Air Flow: 60L/Min

Start-up Pressure: 0.2Mpa

Max Pressure: 0.8Mpa

Working Pressure For High Speed Hand Piece: 0.36Mpa

Working Pressure For Low Speed Hand Piece: 0.34Mpa

Noise: 40-45dB

Net Weight: 13.00Kgs

Measurement: 370*320*300mm

Standard Accessories

Suction System 1 Set

Auto-loaded Air Feed System 1 Set

Four-hole Hand Piece Tube: 1PC

Round Foot Control: 1PC

Three-way Syring: 1PC

600ML Clean Water Bottle: 1PC

Stainless Tray: 1pc

Option Accessories:

Head Light


High Speed Hand Piece

Low Speed Hand Piece

Ultrasonic Scalar

Curing Light

This is the newest design of portable dental unit which works directly without the help of air compressors, covering all the functions of traditional dentistry machines, making it the best choice for inconvenient mountainous, urgent battle field and home-bound dental services. And the Non-air-tank design promises clean air sources as well as rich working air pressure for both high and low speed hand pieces, and acquit you of draining dirty water in the air tank.