Sell Portable Digital Microscope GE-5

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The GE-5 digital microscope is the very latest microscope. It is our exclusive provide of products. This model features a high quality digital camera giving high resolution of 1.3MP images direct to your PC screen via USB2.0 interface, easy for you to observe, take photos, take videos and store the images. Magnifications up to 540X digital zoom and the software including powerful measurements. Users can be far away from their visual fatigue at the same time sharing high-resolution screen with more people. It is the best upgrade option of traditional industrial microscopes, stereo microscopes, bio-microscopes and images measurement appliances. The product has a wide range of applications in the field of R&D in manufacturing, industrial inspection, medical, antique and jewelry identification and academic research.

* The digital viewer GE-5 is connected to PC through USB2.0 interface, real-time observation of dynamic images, no need external power supply
* 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS image sensor, the output images have high Signal to Noise Ratio
* Optical glass lens, 6cm distance to the article, large depth of field, without distortion and aberration
* Compact and flexible, ideally suited for desktop, laboratory worktable, factory operation line
* Rich LED light support and brightness adjustable
* Digital head can be directly connected to PC via USB cable, so as to fulfill multi-angle and large depth of field observation
* Measurement of length, circle diameter, angle, superficial and so on by the software
* Multi-language support: English, Chinese, Germany, French, Japanese, Arabic.
* Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista