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Product characteristic
It is a portable, easily handled and highly efficient vacuum blasting machine for dustfree blasting without any moving parts. The unit is well suited for spot cleaning, removing weld spatter, and deburring cut metal edges. Special attachments let you blast inside and outside corners, and on rough surfaces. This will be a reliable base for anti-corrosion paint, metallising or plastic coating. The swiveling nozzle makes it easy to operate, allowing blasting in every direction. It is a handy tool that can be used under cramped conditions. The nozzle is encased in a rubber cowl, which is applied at right angles to the workpiece. Specially designed cowls are available for angled surfaces, pipes, sheet steel edges, etc. The unit can be adapted for use by left-handed operator.
Lightweight and handy, It weights only 3 kg.
Environmentally harmless

It recycles abrasives and grindings so effectively that other types of work can be carried out in the immediate vicinity, and there is no need to cover up sensitive equipment, such as machine components.
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