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Portable Interactive Whiteboard
Projector Genius PG3100

"PG3100 system" system is a positioning system based on the optical technology which adopts the latest patent technology to develop. using "PG3100 system" system, you can more easily and more convenient operate projectors and computer systems, and obtain better effects of speech and presentation.

Turning the curtain to high-precision touch screen using. Using the "PG3100 system" system, speakers can operate directly on the computer screen, which is more direct viewing and quick than any mouse. Whether you write and mark in the curtain or need to preserve and playback, speakers can easily realize using "PG3100 system", It has more powerful function and more cost-effective than using any other existing whiteboard.

possessing "PG3100 system" system, not only have more powerful function than a simple mouse, touch screen and electric whiteboard, more important, has more and more natural opportunities for interpersonal communication in speech and demonstration.