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Model No. :Portable Handphone Charger

Basic Features:
1. The design of this charger is based on the power of single AA batteries providing power;
2. All nickel hydrogen or lithium chargeable batteries also adapt to the product;
3. Applicable to all single lithium battery-driven portable or handy electronic products;
4. The most common alkalescence batteries can all be added electrical amperage of 240mAH equal to an lithium battery;
5, When the battery providing power exhausts its power or when the lithium battery of the cell phone is charged full of power, the charger will disconnect automatically and stop charging.

How to use?
1. choose the corresponding mobile connection cable from the package and plug in the power input interface of our cellphone;
2. put one environment friendly AA battery into the charger and cover the back cover tight;
3. plug the other end of the connection cable into the plughole in the front of the charger;
when the red indicator light flickers, the charging is working for your cell phone. Charging methods of other handy equipment are the same.

1. Battery input voltage ---1.0V - 1.5V
2. output charging voltage ---5.7V 15%
3. input current ---750mA - 1800mA
4. output current ---150mA-430mA
5. maximum traversing efficacy ---80%
6. Dimension: 70mm(length) x 18mm(diameter) x 5.5mm(thickness)
7. Colors: Blue, Purple, Grey, Silver, Black

Product Application Range:
NOKIA, SAMSUNG, Sony Ericsson, LG, MOTOROLA and most other styles of cell phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, PDA and the likely digital equipment etc. .