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Function Introduction:
- Removable Hard Disk Function - USB2.0 Interface, WINDOW anagement Suitable for Student, Entertainment, Advertisement and Office Use.
- Playback Function : MPEG4, DVD, VCD, CD, JPEG & etc.
- Edit Function : Edit, Copy, Rename, Delete & etc.
- Capacity : Optional 20G/40G/80G HD - A 40G Hard Disk are capable for 20,000 MP3 Files or 70 MP4 Movies.
- Compatible : SD and MMC Compatible, able to read Folders in SD/MMC Directly without Operating the HD, Files in SD/MMC can be copied.
- Playback Function : 12 pictures playback transition effect, Multi Function Remote Control for Convenience use.
- Output Function : CVBS and VGA Output, able to connect to TV or Monitor PAL/NTSC/AUTO, Stereo Audio.
- Compatible Languages : English, Chinese (PRC) , Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.
- Size - Pocket size 132mm x 80mm x 19mm
- Weight - 215g
- Connect your HDD Player to your Computer using the USB2.0 output cable (cable provided) ; your HDD Player will become your External Hard Disk that will be managed by your computer Window Software.
- Capable of Downloading Files from Internet or from your Computer.
- When connected to your Computer , Do not connect your HDD to 5.5VDC Power Supply
- To Operate your HDD the First Time Press FAT32 to Systemized Format.
TV - Connect your HDD Player to your Television (TV) using AV Cable; your TV will become a full of AV Entertainment System.
Computer Monitor -
- Connect your HDD Player to your Monitor using AV Cable to your Monitor input, and Audio output to your computer Multimedia Speaker System.

- HDD Player can be act as your Mobile Hard Disk that Back-up your Important Files.
- Advertisement Play; Automatically Circulate your Feature File/short Film/Advertisement.
- Convenience Play Movie or Advertisement in your Vehicle with 2.5' 40G HD can replace a Multiple-Disk CD Changer of 10 Disk or etc.
- HDD Player not only act as Movie Player but also good for Office use, Studying, copying, entertainment is a ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM