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Portable Karaoke Machine, Wireless karaoke system You May Also Be Interested In: karaoke machine karaoke system portable karaoke portable karaoke machine portable machine
Plug into TV (or amplifier + TV if you want) , You are ready to Sing / watch movie

Ideal for:

Home entertainment, Karaoke enthusiasts, Schools, and Churches, Travel Enthusiasts

Product Highlight

1. Support 4 Digit Mike at same time! (2 Wireless Digit Microphone with 18 control buttons and 2 wired Digit Microphone with 16 control buttons)
2. Directly select songs/movies and set clearest Vocal on/off and Volume up/down from 2 Wireless Digit Mike or 2 Wired Digit mike
3. Play movie, music, photo album and more
4. Support Hard Disk(Maximum capacity 160G )
5. Comes with 8pcs SD Card Slots
6. Download latest songs, movies; background from any source by user
7. Interchangeable live background
8. Intelligent select songs (select song by song number or initial letter)
9. Full Magic Sing-along karaoke function

All New 2008 model!! It is the next generation of magic karaoke microphone player and hdd player! Portable Karaoke On Demand KOD-100 Now you can share your favorite MUSIC , PHOTO and MOVIE within one complete KOD-100 system.

Say good bye with MIDI files and start downloading your favorite karaoke Music or Movie in HIGH DEFINITION quality video files. Had experience with having a song chip without knowing most of the songs included ? Did you feel bored with the only music without vocal ? This is the machine for you! KOD-100 has full customize ability for add / remove your favorite Songs/Movies/Background and really enjoy Original Songs with vocal and live background!!!

Detailed Description:

. Magic Sing-Along: Select songs directly from the 2 Wireless digital microphones (included) , or from the wireless remote controller, or from the karaoke machine front panel. Features: vocal on-off , echo, key control, tempo, Melody volume control, favorite songs reserve, random play, repeat, continuous play; Compatible: DAT, AVI, VOB, MP3, JPEG, MPG format;
. Download the latest song or Movie from any sources by user and upload them to HDD Hardrive(160GB optional) or SD Card (1GB included)
. Upgradeable high capacity Hard Drive (160GB Optional) with internal 8 SD memory songs card slots for maximum storage space, and Ultra High Definition quality music and picture. Utilizing the latest Secure Digital card (SD card)
.160GB hard disk can contain more than 8000 Original songs with vocal(MTV) and 1pc SD card can contain more than 20,000 midi songs
. Support Songs' Language: Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Korean, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Latin
. Directly select songs and set vocal on/off from 2 Wireless Digit Microphones or Remote Controller or the player front panel
. WOW! 4 singers sing together!!!Support 2 Wireless Digit Microphone with 18 control buttons and 2 wired Digit Microphone with 16 control buttons at same time.
. You got Score of your singing performance, and you got even lots APPLAUSE from the machine !!
. Playing format: traditional one only play MIDI songs(only music, no vocal) , our karaoke system also play Original songs with vocal and live background; play vob(DVD) , dat(VCD) , MP3, MP4, avi(CD + G) , JPEG, MPG media format.
. Fully customize song listing ability. Create your own song list from the provided software. Only your favorite songs on the list, and nothing else!
. Full customize background function.
. Interchangeable background for user to add their favorite one
. Live colorful background and music with vocal on/off ; Lyric on the TV screen; Singalong karaoke functions
. Cope SD card to hard disc or from hard disc to SD card, no computer needed.
. Edit functions such as move/delete/rename/copy, no computer need.
. Programming / Reservation available while it is in play. The reserved songs quantities are unlimited instead of only reserving up to 20 songs.
. Full karaoke function remote controller
. Compatible with NTSC / PAL TV system
. paint-baking Technique for front panel and chassis of our player and microphone instead of ordinary one.
. It is Portable, easy to carry with luxury leather handbag

Input and Output:

1. Internal 8 pcs SD card slots. New!!!
2. Internal Hard Drive Device slots. New!!!
3.2 Wireless Mic receiver slots New!!!
4.2 Wired Microphone jack
5. Built-In USB Interface for downloading songs & movies from your PC to KOD-100 New!!!
6. Rechargeable battery slot for easy charging your rechargeable batteries.
7.2x audio output and 2xVideo output
8. Power Jack : Universal power supply: AC 90V ~ 250V, 50/60 Hz, Auto switch


1. Hard Drive Device (Maximum capacity 160G) / Wired /Wireless Digit Microphone/ SD Card/Song Book
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Brand Name
Supply Capacity
50,000 units
Available Colors
Black / Silver
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
300 units
Power Requirements
90 ~ 250 Volts, 50/60 hz
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L/C T/T Western Union
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