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EH860 Portable Leeb Hardness Tester is a new portable hardness tester, it is used by fast hardness testing of metal material that has specialties of accurately testing, small bulk, simple operation, convenience take, long use time, extensive measure area. It is propitious to hardness testing for large assembly and cannot strip assembly. It according to Leeb Hardness as elements that can convenient process measure for metal material and can free transition between different hardness. Product adopt occlude crust of metal that is firm and has excellent capacities of contradict magnetic field, contradict vibrancy and anti-jamming. It has advance steady COMS chip of war industry and large screen display that can collocate multifarious support ring to settle for diversified condition and environment of testing. It can equip any Special-shaped impact setting that sensor dispense with adjust and automatism identify. Mini-type portable printer time is150 hours of stay machine, mainframe has port of RS232 that can convenient process data exchange and parameter enactment with computer, 2AA Alkaline batteries for power supply that replacing is more neatly. It equip special instrument box of high intension, contradict impact, strong airproof waterproof, dampproof, dustproof, antisepsis that adapt to condition is execrable field to working.

characteristic of function
Absolute hermetic crust of metal that is small, portable and reliability, it adapt to abominable operation environment that has capability of contradict libration, contradict impact and electromagnetism disturb.
According as measure elements of Leeb Hardness that can process testing for manifold metal material. It has abroad measure area and form is not limited for workpiece, support measure direction for 360 degree and has function of value software adjust when power on, guarantee measure exactness for result within different criterion of various industries.
It support manifold hardness, (HL) , (HB) , A(HRA) , B(HRA) , C(HRA) , (HV) , (HS) . It can process switch between hardness before measure and after measure.
It dispense with adjust that automatic identify style of impact setting (D, DC, D+15, C, DL, E, G) . Seven Special-shaped setting of impact and whole series of Special-shaped support ring for satisfy the most demand of testing products in the different field.
Large screen 128W64 LCD display of graph lattice and background light support, it can adjust displays contrast for use within environment of dullish light.
Key design is humanistic, one key operation realize arbitrarily switch between material and hardness.
Mini-type portable printer take is convenient that electrical source allodium power supply, big content accumulator can 150 hours for stay machine.
It has communication port of RS232 and data processing software for connect computer that expediently process data exchange and parameter enactment with computer.
Large content can storage 500 group (impact time is 32~1 each group) measure data of hardness, data include information of single measure value, average value, date of measure, impact direction, degree, material, hardness each group. Use software connect computer for magnanimity storage.
Set hardness value upper limit and lower limit in advance, it can automatically alarm if overtop range, users can largely testing.
Support forge steel material, it can straight read HB value when use D/DC type impact setting for testing sample of forge steel, dispense with manpower to check list.
one key comeback function make instrument absolutely renew to original predicament of manufacture, never mind that error operation reflect on instrument appear questions of use.
It has functions that automatic dormancy, automatic power off and so on, low power consumption design, two AA alkaline batteries for power supply that expediently replacing and strong dependability.
Free servicing within two years (damageable piece exception) , price is reasonable of damageable piece.

Technology parameter
Measure range: (170-960) HLD, (17.9-69.5) HRC, (19-683) HB, (80-1042) HV, (30.6-102.6) HS,
(59.1-88) HRA, (13.5-101.7) HRB
Measure direction: support 360 degree (vertically adown, italic, parallel, assurgent, vertically up)
Hardness system: (HL) , (HB) , A(HRA) , B(HRB) , C(HRC) , (HV) , (HS)
Testing precision: valve error 14HLD, value refrain 14HLD
Measure material: steel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nodular cast iron, Cast Aluminum Alloy, brass, bronze, copper, forge steel
Optional impact setting: D, DC, DL, C, D+15, E, G
Display: lattice LCD, 128W64 figure lattice liquid crystal
Data storage: the most 500 group (impact times 32~1 each group)
Work voltage: 3V (2AA alkaline batteries)
Mainframe continuous working hours: about 100 hours (no background light)
Communication port: RS232 port
Printer: mini-type thermal printer
Figure size: 133 X 82 X 32 millimeter
Weight: about 0.4kg (mainframe) about 0.6kg (mainframe+printer)

EH 860 standard configuration :

No. Name Number
1 Main body 1
2 Standard Leeb hardness block (HLD value) 1
3 D type impact device sensor 1
4 Data transport treatment software 1
5 Data communication cable 1
6 portable type thermal printer and printer charger 1
7 Printer data transport cable 1
8 nylon brush A 1
9 Small support ring 1
10 high power (AA) alkaline battery 2
11 certificate /warranty/ packing list / operating manual 1
12 verification certificate / leeb hardness switch synopsis 1
13 high strength resistance to impact and hermetic moistureproof instrument box 1

measure range list:
material Hardness
system Impact setting
D/DC D+15 C G E DL
Steel and cast steel
Steel and cast steel HRC 17.9~68.5 19.3~67.9 20.0~69.5 22.4~70.7 20.6~68.2
HRB 59.6~99.6 47.7~99.9 37.0~99.9
HRA 59.1~85.8 61.7~88.0
HB 127~651 80~638 80~683 90~646 83~663 81~646
HV 83~976 80~937 80~996 84~1042 80~950
HS 32.2~99.5 33.3~99.3 31.8~102.1 35.8~102.6 30.6~96.8
Steel forged steel HB 143~650
alloy tool steel HRC 20.4~67.1 19.8~68.2 20.7~68.2 22.6~70.2
HV 80~898 80~935 100~941 82~1009
Stainless steel
stainless steel HRB 46.5~101.7
HB 85~655
HV 85~802
grey cast iron HRC
HB 93~334 92~326
nodular cast iron HRC
HB 131~387 127~364
cast aluminum alloy HB 19~164 23~210 32~168
HRB 23.8~84.6 22.7~85.0 23.8~85.5
copper zinc alloy HB 40~173
HRB 13.5~95.3
BRONZE copper-aluminum/
Tin alloys HB 60~290
COPPER Pure cupper HB 45~315