Sell Portable Multiband Light Source

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BF-II Portable Multi-channel Light Source is adopted the most advanced technology of high-power LED irradiance chips (Europe imported) . It was created by our company. And have applied national patent. Because the spot reconnaissance plays an important role in the case-detecting, and the polices heavy workload, we design this set of portable multi-channel light source on the principle of convient to use and minimizing the consumption of operators physical energy.
1. Spectral bandwidth , pure luminosity, large luminous flux
2. High power, low calorie, durable
3. Small size, light weight, convenient to use
This set of LED light source were red light - wavelength 617nm, pink light - wavelength of 560nm, green light - wavelength 525nm, blue light - the wavelength 464nm, Violet - wavelength 410nm, white light - the wavelength 400-790nm. The beam of light was emitted via a 25mm ray tube. 100mm away from ray tube, the facula is 80mm.
Main Configuration: Six different band LED light source, eight pairs of color filter(x25mm) , four pairs of observation glasses, one pair of magnifying glass, six lithium battery, one set charger, five bottles of fluorescent powder, one damp-proof pulley-style case.