Sell Portable Nipple(Teat) Sterilizer for Milk Bottle

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Immunity of newborn baby drops remarkably until 3 ~ 6 months.
They are apt to be exposed to infection in air.
Sterilizing the bottle-teat before nursing to babies is essential common sense of mothers to raise them healthfully.

Bottle-nipple Sterilizer solves these problems.

Can intercept latent disease germs (secondary possible infection) in air from the origin
by the sterilizing power of the strongest ultraviolet rays germicide lamp.
Also Nipple Cleaner was designed by most suitable, and is portable to use for all kinds of nursing bottles.

Now, we can nurse babies in anywhere and anytime with Nipple Cleaner and securely.


Model: NS-101
Material: PC/PP
Lamp: CCFL(Ultra Violet Ray + Ozone)
Lamp Life: 20,000hrs
Power Source: 2 battery (AAA 1.5v)
Estimated life span of battery: 15 days, used 5 times daily
Dimensions: 74mm x 82mm x 25mm