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Xiom 1000 portable powder coating machine.
On site applications of thermoplastic functional and thermoset decorative coatings.

Applications include kitchens, showers, toilets, laboratories, equipment, furniture, duct work and vents within hospital and health care environments and in schools; and in all vulnerable areas within the leisure environment  from childrens play areas to gymnasia.
In food processing plants conveyor systems, counter tops, storage and transport units can be treated.
Several categories within the XIOM range are anti-microbial.
XIOM anti-slip coatings offer two options- a light duty system, sprayed through the gun or a heavier duty coat and scatter system. The latter is suitable for areas such as steps, stair nosings and anti-slip panels. A thermoplastic powder coating is applied followed by a scattering of anti-slip grit. Excess grit is then blown off the surface and the coating reheated, so that it melts and bonds with the grit. The coating can be laid as thick as is necessary to support the grit selected. The anti-slip surface is ready for immediate use.

The XIOM 1000, including control console, powder feeder and gun, weighs only 35kg. It is completely portable and can be transported manually or on a trolley. The flame is produced by a mixture of oxygen and propane normally supplied in gas bottles and these can also be fixed to the trolley. About 20 cfm of compressed air is required either from a compressor or from a fixed factory supply.
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