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1. Product Description:
This product is the Universal USB battery pack, Applicable
for all digital devices charged by USB port
2. Configuration
This product made up of 2pcs Lithium battery,1pcs PCB
board, and housing.
Color: argent
Weight: 130g
Material: crust aluminum
Dimension: Lmax100mmWWmax62mm*Hmax16.4mm
Button: the output voltage and capacity checking indicated
through the same button
Indicator: 5 green LED to indicate the capacity
Charge Tip: mini USB
Discharge Tip: USB
3. Technical Parameter
Capacity: 3400mAh Cell Voltage: 3.7 V
Input Voltage: 5.0V10.5V Input Current: 1000mA max
Output Voltage: 5.5V10.2V Output Current: 700mA
Over Charge Voltage: 4.30V10.05V Over Discharge Voltage:
Short Circuit Current: 4A/3.7V Over Discharge Recovery
Voltage: 3.0V10.1V
Cycle life: >=300 times Self Cost Current:
Cycle type: Lithium polymer
4. Function & Usage
Charge for battery pack by USB DC5V, the green LED
intelligent indication during charging, all 5 LED light in
green when full charged.
Connect the device and battery pack by USB cable, its work
after pressing the button
5. Safety Certification
6. Accessories
7. User Manual and Package
Package: blister clamshell + insert card
User Manual: card printing