Sell Portable Steam Cleaner Accessories

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Our Steam Cleaner has various accessories to go with it. So long as the proper accessories are chosen, it can do cleaning and sterilizing to almost every article in the house. While cleaning, the high-temperature steam it generates can kill the mildew. Thus, you don't need to worry about that you are surrounded by allergens any more.

Specialty of our steam cleaners:
Our Steam Cleaner is timesaving, and electric-power-saving. The high- pressure steam will be generated in only 5 minutes, consuming electricity of only about 0.2 kwh. It can save water by a large margin. Only about 0.5L water is needed for cleaning a house of 50 square meters
Steam cleaner utilizes high pressure steam to easily decontaminate, sterilize and disinfect your home and clean up stain , saving your time and electricity , chemical free and smell-less.

Available accessories: extension tubes 2pcs, glass squeegee, carrying strap, small round brush, floor brush, measuring cup, steam jet nozzle