Sell Portable UV Sterilizer

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Item: Portable UV Sterilizer
Model No. : PUS-1
Range of wavelength: 185~260nm(peak value:253.7)
Bacteria-killing rate:98~100%
Work Temperature: 5~40centigrade
Relative humidity: 10~75%RH
Power supply: 4*AAA batteries
Volume: 50*35*130mm
Weight: 65g(without batteries)


1. It adoptes the technique of high-frequency UVC that has the highest sterilizing efficiency and is harmless to human body.

2. With a children safety lock.

3. Automatically cut the power when it stops work.


It can thoroughly kill the bacteria and virus including Escherichia coli, golden staphylococcus, bacillus subilis dark mutated spores as well as mildew source substance, hepatitis, flu and other viruses which would give rise to diseases. As a portable substance surface sterilizing apparatus with superexcellent properties today, it takes effect only in a few seconds.

The apparatus can be used for sterilizing the surface of dishware, personal articles, public goods, children's toys, computer keypads and mouse key, currency count machines, auto interior, drinking water, toothbrush, telephone sets, lock handles and many other articles and in the meantime it has the function for identifying the fake currencies.