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AJ-6100C Portable Ultrasound Scanner

General Description
Imaging Modes:B, B/B, B/M, M
Scanning mode:Convex, Linear
Gray scale levels: 256
Gain: Time gain, Far-field gain, Near-field gain
Scanning depth: 0~200mm
Scanning frequency: 2.5~5.0 MHz (depending on transducer)
Dynamic imaging technologies: 17 step dynamic combined focusing and acoustic penetrating mirror focusing.
Pre-processing: 8-segment TGC adjustment 8-frame correlation
Post-processing: left/right up/down
Zoom: W1.0, W1.2, W1.5, W2.0
General Measurement: distance, circumference, oval, trace
Software package:OB/GYN software package and Cardiac software package
Character input/display:magnification, time, date, frequency, patientID, age, sex automatically pregnancy calculating
Body marks: 16 body location label with probe position

Standard Configuration
Main unit
10" high resolution monitor
3.5MHz Multi-frequency Convex Probe

6.5/7.0MHZ Trans-vaginal Probe
7.5MHZ linear probe
Thermal Paper Printer
Cine loop