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Step by step plans on how to build your own drilling Rockbuster 300 Rig. With many people needing water, but not knowing anything about building a rig, this book will help the average joe with step by step instructions and with pictures too. For how to drill please checkout my Drilling troubleshooting book. This book Covers making two types of drilling rigs, 1st plans covers BASIC drilling rig plans, 2nd plans cover building larger Rock drilling comercial Rockbuster 300 style rig with weights for rock drilling. Comes with materals list, and measurments, and pictures. Covers what power supplies and water swivels to use, making your own drill pipe and couplings. These rigs preform well for 200ft to 300 ft or less. Most portable drilling rigs are just gas diggers with a water swivel attached and a hand winch. The frame works vary slightly. . . The only noticeable difference is the gear boxes they use and engine sizes, some are honda and some are tecumsh, the hp goes from 4hp to 6.5hp. The reason for no hp over 6.5hp is they are post-hole diggers conversions. Have you ever seen a hand post-hole digger with a 175lb 16hp briggs motor on it??. . Hp size does not make much difference anyway with a 30 to 1 gear ratio. One thing to remember, the gas post-hole digger transmisson shaft is all that holds all the drill pipe weight and bit, NOT THE SWIVEL. The swivels they use are not weight bearing swivels. That's why I say that drilling deep with these type rigs is touchy. The deeper you drill, the more drill pipe weight is on the cheap aluminum gear box shaft that was originally rated for a 6ft long 8 inch auger bit weight. Not to mention two men pulling it up by hand winch, not a 2000lb manual winch with two or more pulleys on it. Don't get me wrong. The little rigs will work , just know there limitations. Book covers honestly what works and what does not, why pay a high price for a rig, that the only thing that preforms is there sales pitch. These rigs are built heavy duty . Most rigs others sell are made to fit UPS packing guide lines of lenght and weight, using light gauge steel, because a extra 200.00 shipping would blow them selling you a rig. . The cost to build your own drilling rig is between 200.00 to 750.00, depending on upgrades and if you use NEW or USED equipment and steel.

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