Sell Portable X-ray flaw detector

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The portable series gas insulation X-ray flaw detector can be widely used in shipbuilding, chemistry, aviation, boiler, pressure container, national defense industry for NDT flaw detection. It absorbs different lever of X-ray based on the different thickness of materials. From the X-ray perspective negative, we can see the faults of materials, parts as well as interior of weld joint. According to the fault shape, degree and position, we can confirm the quality of materials and products.
The portable X-ray flaw detectors are divided into two series: directional radiation flaw detection and round radiation flaw detection. Round radiation is efficiently used in circle weld joint, matched with the ribbon shape negative, the labor force can be reduced and the working efficiency be increased greatly.

Portable X-ray Unit(XXG-3005)
X-ray tube voltage 170-300Kv
X-ray tube current 5mA
Focus spot size; 2.5*2.5mm
Max. penetration- A3 steel 50mm(5min exposal, D>=1.5)
Tube voltage stability +-5%
Tube current stability +-5%
Generator external size 330*330*700mm
Generator weight: 40kg
Controller size: 390*380*170mm (including handle)
Controller weight: 12kg
Input power: 220V+-10%; AC 50Hz, capability>=3.6kVA
Operating temperature: -20~+40