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1. All zinc-plated three adjustable lamp posts reach as high as 9 meters, at night shine the area 30000 square meters.
2. Four 1000w metal halogen lamp, the life amounts to for 1000 hours, has the emergency power supply, may meet the small power tool.
3. Lamppost may level revolve 360 degrees the angle of lamp holder can adjust at will.
4. The seal waterproofing chimney and shortcut power source connection, safe and maintenance.
5. The manual crank can control the rising and landing of the lamppost.
6. The side entrance with assistant spring is advantageous for the operation and maintenance.
7. The control panel sets in the engine case, is loaded with timer, which cannot be repositioned.
8. A firm alterable pedestal makes the machine to be possible withstands 6-7 level gales.
9. Japanese Kubota diesel engine, low noise, low consumption, each box of fuel oil may continuously work for 70 hours, has the engineer oil-heating installation to be advantageous for the winter start. Equips the safety devices of low engineer oil pressure and high water temperature automatic parking
10. Equipped with safe device for automatic pausing under the low pressure.
11. Equipped with the hoisting link and forks bed, entire machine may the hoisting transportation, also may work by drag
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