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This product, the li-polymer cell, is excellent integration of recharge, stored energy and intelligent protection. It truly realizes portable mobile charger. It widely applies to the mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, MP4, DV, PDA etc.
Function features
1. High integrating & human design
A. City electricity input, stored energy, recharge control integration
B. The recharge for half hour to the digital products can support the products for 24hours.
C. LED indication. Touching control switch can test the available power so that you can well arrange the power supply
D. Various of DC connect way and connectors, when recharge, change the connector is OK
E. providing LED lighting
2. Intelligent protection
A. This machine adopts double integrated circuit, having the function of over-current protection, over-recharge protection, over voltage protection, over load protection and short-circuit proof, etc.
B. The battery is polymer li-ion battery with the features of environmental protection, long life and utility.
C. The outer of this machine uses the ABS material and has the advantages of wearproof and rigid.
3. Good companion for your travel
Whenever and wherever you are, you can charge your mobile phone and other digital products in time. Volume delicate, super capacity and easy to use. The inner energy can save more than 5 months in case of nonuse. It contains all the functions of the recharger, It is a good companion for your travel

Technical Indicator
Input voltage (AC) 100~240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage (DC) 5.5V , 8.4V
Output current 500 mA
Total capacity 4000mAh
Standard GB4943-2001
Dimension(mm) 91*48*17
Weight(g) 100g
It used to recharge the 2000mAh polymer li-ion battery with protector.
Available Colors