Sell Portland Cement Offer

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We are a Singapore based company working directly with mandates for Portland cements from Ukraine, Russia and China.

We have direct mandate for reliable Indonesian and Indian manufacturers of Portland cement. We have chosen these partners to work with after extensive research as they provide the most competitive prices in the market.

In order to provide you with an appropriate and best quotation and soft FCO, I will need to know the following;
a) Grade of Portland Cement (ex. 42.5)
b) Quantity Required (Spot or Annual Contracts)
c) Port of Discharge (CIF ASWP)
d) Target Price
e) Payment Terms
For > 25,000 about USD 58/MT CIF ASWP
For > 50,000 about USD 56/MT CIF ASWP
For > 100,000 about USD 54/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 200,000 about USD 52/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 250,000 about USD 47/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 500,000 about USD 46.5/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 1,000,000 about USD 46/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 2,000,000 about USD 45.5/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 3,000,000 about USD 45/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 5,000,000 about USD 44/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 6,000,000 about USD 43.5/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 10,000,000 about USD 42/ MT CIF ASWP

Look forward to your reply and hope we can work together on the long-term with a foresight towards a mutually beneficial partnership.

Warmest Regards,

Yassin Khan
Marketing Manager