Sell Portland Cement

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BUYERS NEEDED-Limited Time Offer: Jan 23- Feb 9, 2006:
75000,000 MT-OPC 42.5 Available for sale: 39.50/MT, CIF-ASWP, to be sold in Whole or Fractions. We welcome End Buyers & Brokers alike.
Bonus: a 10-Day Vacation at Disney World Resort for you and the Family. We ship around the world. Please compare our prices before contacting us.

PRODUCT: OPC-42.5, British standards or ASTM c-150


ORIGIN: Ukraine, Russia, CEE / CIS, Greece, Egypt, India, Indonesia

DURATION: 1-5 years-Buyers option.

PACKING: 50 Kg bags or in bulkbuyers choice


All PRICES (Final) in USD
50Kg Bags Bulk
01-15MMT 40.50 39.00
15-30 MMT 40.25 38.75
30-45 MMT 40.00 38.50
45-60 MMT 39.75 38.25
60-75 MMT 39.50 38.00

We will gladly provide a 5 Kg sample after signing the contract and the opening of LC by the Buyer.

COMMISSIONS: USD 0.50-USD 0.70/MT = Maximum allowed by the Seller - to be divided equally between three distinct (Buyers, Intermediary, Sellers) groups-Paid as per FPA, NCND that all intermediaries, buyer, seller will have signed.
Unfortunately the seller will not allow for Kickbacks, will not provide B/L or Past Performance Record & will not allow manufacturing site visit or direct contact with the Manufacturer.


**Non-Transferable L/C: Please add U$D5.00/MT.

P B: 2%

WEIGHT& INSPECTION: SGS-Quantity and Quality Certificate/shipment at sellers expense at port of loading.

INSURANCE: All Risk Marine Insurance Policy to be covered by the Seller.

-Buyer issues LOI and BCL, requests specification, quantity, shipment lots, port of destination, time of delivery, terms of payment and all other details including the Buyers procedures & banking information.
-Seller sends FCO to the buyer.
-Buyer returns FCO duly signed and sealed within 48 hours.
-The seller sends draft contract to the buyer.
-Buyer returns within 48 hours the accepted draft contract signed and sealed.
-Hard copies of contracts and PI are exchanged via courier and/or fax
-Once the original contract is signed by both parties, the buyer sends the LC draft to the seller for his approval.
-Buyers bank opens an irrevocable, non-operative documentary letter of credit to sellers bank.
-Sellers bank issues PB and POP to activate the non-operative LC.
-Delivery and shipment commence as per schedule mutually agreed upon.

Please be prepared to send in a detailed, Valid LOI, ONLY from a Willing, Ready & Able-END BUYER, on his official corporate letterhead signed by him, exclusively addressed to us, that includes Target Price for the Quantity you wish to purchase(as shown in our price-chart, above) , Specs, Packing, Destination port, Shipping Terms, Delivery schedule, Discharge Rates, Contract duration. A fresh BCL that will cover your target price is also required.

We will be happy to sign a NCND-Agreement with you, only if you have a LOI & BCL from the End Buyer.
Unfortunately, the Seller will not accept:
-LOIs from a chain of brokers
-LOIs with no BLC

Upon successful completion of any contract of over 10,000,000 MT and the un-interrupted continuation of payments against the shipments for at least six months following the signing of the contract, we will send you an invitation letter for a Family of Four along with the Bonus-package of a complimentary 10-Day vacation at the Disney World Resort in Florida, or Disney Land in California. This will give you an opportunity to relax, enjoy some precious time with your family and build fond memories. All expenses including the air-fare, hotel, transportation & meals will be paid by us. You will need to make the necessary arrangements for your own Entry Visas into the United States.

We highly value your precious time & utmost sincerity. We are certain that you will extend the same courtesy to us.

Looking forward to seeing you in Florida or California & working with you.

Best regards,

Dr. Dara Dane
Global Exchange,