Sell Portland Cement

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Greetings to All,
We are a US - based International Trading Company, supplying Portland cement worldwide. We act as the sellers mandate. We sell, more than anything, grades 32.5, 42.5 & 52.5. Our providers are long established and we do have long term contracts available. Minimum purchase amount is 12,500 MT per month on a one year contract. We ship anywhere in the world. Please contact us for the lowest prices with the highest quality anywhere. In fact, we might be able to quote the most attractive prices anywhere, even less than what direct suppliers might have already quoted. You will be surprised. You can count on us for the most competitive prices and a prompt, reliable service. We look forward to establishing a good business relationship with your company for many future deals, but let us start with your first request. We need the LOI to initiate the process. We appreciate your confidence.
Please contact us directly if you are interested.
D. Dane
National & International Marketing
Global Exchange