Sell Portland Cement

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Dear Sir:
We function as the mandate for a well established seller. We do have the Portland cement available for sale. We are willing, ready, and able to meet your requirement by means of quantity and price. We will definitely protect your commission. As you are aware, the recent natural disasters such as the Tsunami, the hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the earthquakes, have sharply increased the demand for more cement production. Additionally, the recent ongoing increase in the gasoline prices has also been an unexpected factor further burdening the cement market. As a result, the cement prices are jumping up almost on a daily basis. Therefore, to enjoy the lower prices, we suggest that you issue the LOI & the Banking information promptly. Also please provide us with the quantity, destination & your target price. As soon as we receive the above information, we will send you the POP (Proof of Product) , the product information and other pertinent documents, and then the rest of the process will be followed according to the international business norm.
Thank you one more time for your confidence in our company. Looking forward to hearing from you in the very near future, I remain
Very truly yours,

Dr. Dara Dane
National & International Research & Marketing
Public Relations
Global Exchange Trading Company