Sell Potassium Permanganate

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We've two grades, BP or FF:


Appearance: Needle-shaped
Potassium permanganate %: 99.47
Chloride and Chlorate %: 0.003
Sulfate %: 0.02
Water insoluble %: 0.05
Packing: 50 kg steel drums

FF (Free-Flowing)

Potassium permanganate %: 98.85
Cadmium%: 0.00017
Chromium %: 0.005
Mercury %: 0.0001
Packing: 25kg plastic pails

Properties: Dark purple granular or needleshaped or flow sand-like crystals with metallic sheen. Soluble in water, decomposed by alcohol and peroxidate. Powerful oxidizer. Contacting, rubbing, or colliding with organic materials, it may cause burning or explosion.
Uses: As oxidizer of saccharin, vitamin C, tubomel etc. ; decolorant of starch, textile, fat; gas absorbent; decontaminat of water. In medicine, it is used as disinfectant and antiseptic. Also suited for farming, aquaculture, metallurgical industry, and environmental application.
Package: Package: Industrial product is packed in galvanized iron drum with polyethylene plastic-film bag inside, net 50 or 25 kg.
Standard: Standard: GB/T1608-1997. GB2513-2004. BP2000. AWWA/ANSI B603-88