Sell Potassium Sorbate

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Chemical name:2,4-Hexadienoic acid, Potassium
saltChemical formula: C6H7KO2
Molecular welght: 150.22
Description: White or yellowish-white crystals or crystalline powder (granule)
Functional use:Preservative (food grade)
Date of expiry: 2 years

Product Specification:
Assay (dry basis) :98.0-101.0%
Acidity(as sobic acid) :pass test(about 1%)
Free alkall (as K2CO3) :pass test(about 1%)
Loss on drying:1%Max
Heavy metals (as Pb) :0.001%Max
Aldehyde (as HCHO) :pass test
Chloride (as Cl) :0.018%Max
Arsenic:pass test
Sulfate (as SO4) :pass test