Sell Potassium acetate

Potassium acetate
Molecular formula: CH3COOK
Molecular weight: 98.14
CAS NO: 127-08-2

Quality index Content(CH3COOK) >=98%
Insoluble substance in water Qualified
Alkaline hardness (base on K2CO3) <=0.12%
Acidity(base pm HA) <=0.05%
Chlorid(CI) <=0.01%
Sulfate(SO4) % <=0.02%
Ferrum(Fe) <=0.0005%
Heavy metal(base on Pb) <=0.0005%
Reduction potassium permanganate substance Qualified

Property White crystal, fine grain or powdered form, strong hygroscopy, easily soluble in water, acid and alcohol.
Use Mainly used in the production of penicillin kali salt, used as chemical reagent to produce anhydrous alcohol, commercial catalyst, additive, compound etc
Packing In woven bag with plastic lining, net weight 25kg, or upon clients' request.
Transport Avoid impact or rain.
Storage In cool. dry and airy place, avoid moisture.