Sell Potato Flakes

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Free flowing potato flakes are produced from good quality potatoes after washing, peeling, inspection, slicing, precooking, cooling, cooking, drying and flaking to provide the size specifications of the customer.

The size of the potatoes been used:40 ~ 90 mm.

Dry Matter Content: >20%

Foreign Material: Free of Foreign Material

Storage Temperature:4 ~ 6 degree Celsius.


Flakes are produced according to the specification of the client. Mostly the specifications of standard flakes are more or less the same over the world.


We can provide powder form also if client requires.


When 100 GR of whole flakes are reconstituted by hand stirring in 570ml water at a temperature of 75 DC, the product shall be non-glutinus, fluffy mass, resembling mashed potatoes and processing the characteristic flavor of potatoes.

Odor : Characteristic of Potatoes, free from typical odor.

Flavor : Characteristic of Potatoes, free from taint


Black Point : 10/100 Gram Max.
Wet point: None Hard Point 15/100 Gram Max.

Additives/Chemical Characteristics

Monoglyceride emulsifier:0.5 Max
Sodium pyrophosphate(%appr) : 200 PPM
Citric Acid Monoglyceride(ppmappr. ) :125 PPM
Sulfur Dioxide(ppmappr. ) :100 PPM
Antioxidant(ppmappr. ) :25 PPM

Moisture Content:6%-9% Max


We process our raw material, the potatoes, gently so that all the vitamins and trace elements and the natural taste are preserved. So that we can meet the high standards which we have set ourselves, we are running with latest machinery and have one of the most modern factories of this type in the world.

Continuous checks in our laboratories and by independent institutions confirm that we are achieving our own high standards. Employees in all sectors from agronomy thought product development, production and quality assurance to distribution work hand in hand to achieve what you want.


Flaker with 6 mm size

> 2 mm : 57% Max
< 2 mm and > 1 mm:32% Max
< 1 mm : 11% Max

Density : Flaker with 6 mm size sieve circa 210 Gram/Liter

Stability:120 ~ 140 mm

Reducing Sugars : < 3%(LuftSchoorl Method)

Viscosity : Mpas/S(BrookfieldMethod)

Particle Size

> 1000 mu :0%
> 75 mu :90%
Bulk density :65 Degree gr.1 = 20gr.1

Metal Detection : Metal Detection is carried out on each bag of finished product.

Microbiological Standards

Counter Plate : Max.10,000
Coliform : < 10
E-coli : negative in 24gr.
Moulds/yeast : < 100
Salmonella : negative in 25 gr.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1200 MT
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15 Days
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100 MT
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