Sell Potential Hydrogen Oxidation-Reduction Potential PH/ORP 2000

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The controller can be used for applications such as
water treatment and monitoring, galvanic-
decontamination, chemical processing, food
processing, clean or wastewater control and
neutralization processes. Though the construction
of the pH/ORP Controller complies with safety
regulations currently in force, improper use could
lead to hazards for the user or a third-party.
Therefore, the operating instructions must be read
and understood by the persons involved before work is started with the PH/ORP controller.
Measurement 0-14pH/1mV -1000-1000mV Range
Display LCD
Accuracy 0.01pH 1mV
Output Optional DC 4-20 mA, Max. Load 1k
Control Action
ON/OFF Max 220VAC / Max 3A /
Calibration 2 Points
Environment 0-60
Max 600VA
Cut opening size 92x92x110mm
Power Supply 220V AC 50Hz or 110v AC 60Hz
Net weight 0.2Kg