Sell Povidone Iodine(CP2000/USP27TH)

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Chemical Name; Complex of polyvinylpyrrolidine with Iodine
CTFA Name: Povidone Iodine
Chemical Formula:(C6H9NO) n
Physical Properties: exists as yellow-brown or red-brown formless powder having slightly specical smell. It can dissolve in water and alcohol, not in diethylethe or choroform. It is stable complex with no irritation which can sterilize bacterial, virus, fungus , effectively. It is the first-selected iodinecontaining microbicide.
Application :Bactericide, virucide, fungicide for local anticeptic in surgical scrubs or for other rapeutical purposes and protect patient infection. Microbicide for kitchen utensils in family. Microbicide for food and feed industry. Microbicide and disease-protector for animal.
PACKAGING:Packed in 25kgs cardboard barrel with 2-ply inner PE bag
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