Sell Powder Metallurgy Fe-based sturctural Parts or Engine

Powder Metallurgy Fe-based sturctural Parts or Engine You May Also Be Interested In: metallurgical microscope oilless bearings powder metallurgy
Business: Specialize in producing Fe-based PM structural parts, Fe-Cu based oilless bearings, Cu-based filtering components.

Main equipments: Original Gasbarre Full-automatic Machinery Press, Japan YOSHIZUKA Full-automatic Machinery Press, 630T Full-automatic Hydraulic Powder Press, 50T Full-automatic Machinery Press, Original Gasbarre Mesh-belt Sintering Furnace, Steam Treatment Furnace.

Main check-out facility: Metallurgical microscope, microscope, Rigidity Instrument.

Technical standard: German DIN, American ASTM, Japanese JIS

Main materials: Fe, Cu, Fe-Cu

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