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Powder rust converter Folioks PPR-F - anticorrosive powder filler based on vegetable raw materials, has the properties of a reducing agent and complexing. Appointment Folioks PPR-F - use as a functional additive in the manufacture of soil and ground-enamel on rust and corrosion-resistant primers for coating of pure metal (in order to increase their protective properties) . In combination with other anti-corrosion pigments and fillers suitable for use in formulations of the compositions on the basis of various film-forming substances.
Commodity products are presented, used: extra.

Helps slow down and stop the corrosion process, preventing their development over the life of the coating (localize the active centers in cases of mechanical damage) . Provides a high adhesive strength and complex protective properties of paint compositions, applied to prokorrodirovavshie surface of ferrous metals with a layer of rust to 150-200 microns.
In combination with conventional anti-corrosion pigments and inhibitors used in the manufacture of priming materials for painting pure metal, contributes to the manifestation of the synergistic effect, leading to an increase in the protective coating.

Not toxic. Not radioactive. Fire and explosion-proof.
Authorized Ukrainian Ministry of Health for use in residential and civil engineering without limitation (Radiation-hygienic certificate number 196 of 21.05.2002 town, conclusion of the state sanitary-hygienic expertise of 10.07.2002 No. 5.10/25284 PM) .

Appearance - fine powder
Color - Light brown, gray, brown color is not specified, depending on the party.
Ash content, %, not more than 10
Mass fraction of Metal and impurities, mg / kg, no more than 10
The reaction of aqueous suspension (pH) 4,5 - 7,5
maximum particle size, um, not more than 30
Density, g/sm31, 3 - 1,8
Bulk volume, l / kg 2 - 4
Brand Name
"Folioks" PPR-F
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37536 &26#1040;
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