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Kratom Wholesale is a worldwide grower/exporter of fresh Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) products to WHOLESALE importers. We maintain the only LEGAL plantaition of verified Kratom in the world!!!

This Kratom powder is one of our strongest Kratom products we are proud to offer to you. Our team of Kratom harvesters tests each tree prior to harvesting by chewing a Kratom quid with only three leaves, if the desired effects are achieved with this test the Kratom leaves harvested from that tree are used for our Kratom Premium Powder. The leaves are then ground down to a fine powder that can be mixed into a Kratom Milk Shakes or other favorite drink. It can also be mixed with Honey or Chocolate syrup and just spooned into the mouth, many Kratom users have reported to us that the effects are stronger and come on faster with these two methods. We suggest you start with 6 grams for each method of our Kratom Premium Powder to feel its full effects. Each persons chemical makeup is different so this is just an estimate.
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