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We have developed a number of mixed polymer coatings all of which are practically free of VOCs. They melt at quite low temperatures and require little or no preheating of the substrate. They can be used on almost all surfaces, including most metals, plastics, glass, concrete, fibreglass, wood, cardboard and ceramic tiles.

In addition to the core range, designed for decorative and architectural use, XIOM has extended the envelope to include many functional coatings. Anti-microbial, anti-fouling, anti-graffiti, corrosion protective and glow in the dark coatings have been developed. These systems are formulated to adhere to many substrates without the need for priming. Surfaces need only cleaning and roughening to achieve reliable and reproducible bonding.

It is now possible to powder coat anything, of any size, in situ, with a permanent glow in the dark coating. This coating is a hard plastic, making the finish both durable and weather resistant. With just a few minutes of exposure to natural or artificial light, the coating glows for up to 8 hours.
Surfaces which glow in the dark bring an extra measure of safety to a variety of settings, from schools and hospitals to apartments and commercial buildings. Treated handrails, exit signs, steps and marked pathways make emergency escape routes easy to find and follow. Traffic signs, barriers, building addresses, street signs are made visible even at night. Parking bays can be delineated, electric switches made easy to see in the dark. Bicycles and other vehicles can be made visible.

Anti- microbial coatings, providing long-term protection from disease-carrying bacteria are increasingly in demand. XIOM long lasting anti-microbials can be easily applied, in situ, in all settings within the health, leisure, and marine sectors, and on surfaces which come into contact with food and drinking water in general. Several categories within the XIOM range of powders are anti-microbial.

One less obvious use for this type of powder coating is as a backing to glass used in splash backs, kitchen worktops and similar. It has excellent adhesion to glass and produces a high quality backing. And, because of the tough nature of the polyethylene powder used, it protects against the handling problems experienced in the manufacturing process.

Where an anti-slip surface is required there are two alternatives. Either a light duty system can be sprayed through the gun or a heavier duty coat and scatter system can be used. The latter is suitable for areas such as steps, stair nosings and anti-slip panels. A thermoplastic powder coating is applied followed by a scattering of anti-slip grit. Excess grit is then blown off the surface and the coating reheated, causing it to melt and bond with the grit. The coating can be laid as thick as is necessary to support the grit selected. The anti-slip surface is ready for immediate use.
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