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name:Power Cord Powercord Cordset Cable
Model No. : Y002
We can supply power cord for Canada, France, Italy, England, Denmark,
Switzerland, Sweden, Korea, Argentina, Norway, Israel, America, Japan, UK,
USA, Russia, Germany and Australia.
Applicable cables:
1) H03VV-F: 2 x 0.75
2) H03VVH: 2-F 2 x 0.75
3) H05VV-F: 2 x 0.75-1.5
4) H05VVH: 2-F 2 x 0.75-1.0
5) H05RR-F: 2 x 0.75-1.5
6) H05RN-F: 2 x 0.75-1.0!
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