Sell Power LED Bulb A60

Power LED Bulb A60
Product Features:
Unique patented heat sinking design
5*1W Power LED as innovative light source
Single LED brightness can reach to 60-100LM
E26, E27 light base are available for choice
Beam angle is above 120 degree

Used as a light source of top grade lamp in villa, top grade hotel, cabaret, council chamber, exhibition hall, airports and terminals and so on

Indoor use only, IP 54
Please do not touch the surface light bulb while the light is on
LUX datas are tested at distance of 1 meter
Datasheet is from the testing instrument of Hangzhou EVerfine

Part No. /Emitting Color/Wavelenght(nm) orTC(k) / Luminous Flux/Illuminance(LUX) /Wattage(W)
B60TDT7F-053***02 Daylight White 5000-7000K 210 - 6.0
B60TIT7F-053***02 Incand White 2700-5000K 150 - 6.0
B60MIT7F-053***02 Incand White 5000-7000K 170 - 6.0
B60MDT7F-053***02 Daylight White 5000-7000K 230 - 6.0