Sell Power LED Spotlight GU10

Power LED Spotlight GU10
Product Feature:
1. cyclone design attained patent in China and Europe
2.1pcs power LED
3.38 degree PMMA lens with light transmission rate at 92%
4. GU10 and E27 base are both available for choice

1. Direct replacement of halogen GU10 25-35W
2. Illumination and decoration at home and public areas
3. Suitable for hotel , meeting room, show room, shop, telephone booth etc

1. Swith off the clectricity before replacing the lamp
2. Keep away from direct sunshine and high temperature
3. Not suitable for use with dimmers
4. Indoor use only
5. If any doubt about the installation or use of this product, consult a competent electrician

Part Number/Emitting Colour Tc(k) /Voltage(v) /Luminous Flux(LM) /Watt(w)
(CL-HPIW1BBWT-X) Warm white 2700-3500k 220-240 40 1.8+/-0.3
(CL-HPNW1BBWT-X) Nature white 3500-5000k 220-240 56 1.8+/-0.3
(CL-HPDW1BBWT-X) Daylightwhite 5000-7000k 220-240 70 1.8+/-0.3