Sell Power LED Spotlight MR16

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Product Features:
Unique patented heat sinking design
Single 1W Power LED as light source
CE certification & ROHS compliance
Longtime working temperature is less than 50
Wide voltage design

Villa, restaurant, hotel, meeting room, show room, shopwindow, telephone cabinet, and so on. Replacement of the traditional MR16

Indoor use only, Ip54
Don't touch the surface while light is on.
LUX data is tested at distance of 1 meter.
Electronic transformer and Electromagnetic Transformer are not applicable

Part No. /Emitting Color/Wavelenght
(nm) orTC(k) /Luminous Flux/Illuminance(LUX) /Wattage(W)
MR16TRP05-014***02 Red 610-615 20 200 1.6
MR16TGP05-014***02 Green 510-530 25 250 1.8
MR16TBP05-014***02 Blue 465-475 8 80 1.8
MR16TYP05-014***02 Yellow 585-595 23 230 1.6
MR16TIP07-014***02 Incand White 2700-5000K 45 144 1.8
MR16TWP07-014***02 Daylight White 5000-7000K 65 221 1.8
MR16TWP05-014***02 White 7000-9000K 65 650 1.8