Sell Power Module (Diode & Thyristor Module)

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Product Description ;
We manufacture various kinds of power module, such as diode module, thyristor module, intelligent single module, intelligent three phase module, intelligent DC module, intelligent motor controlling modules etc.
1) IT (AV) 5=5000A
2) V DRM/V RRM =100-5000V
3 ) 3000RMS base >= 3000RMS
4) Industrial standard package
5) High surge capability
6) Simple mounting
7) Conform to national standard
8) In accordance with IEC international electrical committee standard
Typical applications
1) DC Motor control and drives
2) Battery charges
3) Welders
4) AC/DC Converters
5) DC power supplies
6) Machine tool controls

The main model of our power module include the following:
Re: Fast turn-off thyristor/fast recovery diode modules
150A~400A,600~1600V, water cooling, applicable for inverters, inductance heating and others
Re: Thyristor modules, Thyristor/Diode module
25A~800A,500~2500V, water cooling, applicable for AC & DC motor control, rectifying power supply, industrial heating control, light adjust, switch without contact, softstarters, static and reactive power compensation, welding machine, transducer, UPS power supply and charge & discharge for battery.
Re: Thyristor/diode module(non-isolated type)
25A~800A,500~2500V, applicable for DC power supply of instruments, AC&DC motor control, various rectifying power supply, motor softstarter, welding equipment, transducer, charge & discharge for battery etc.
Re: Thyristor module(non-isolated type) .
100~300A,500~2500V, applicable for power supply of welding machine, various DC power supply and transducer.
Re: Single/three phase rectifier bridge modules
50A~150A,600~2000V, applicable for DC power supply of instruments, rectifying power supply of transducer PWM, excitation power supply of DC motor, input rectifying of power supply, capacitive charge of softstart, inverter welding machine, DC
The main feature of our Standard Recovery Diode include the following:
Standard Recovery Diodes
IF (AV) =5-5000A
V RRM=100-5000V
Hermetic metal case with ceramic insulator
Hermetic glass-metal seal
Metal case with ceramic insulator
Conform to partial national standard GB4939-1985
Capacity of supporting high surge current
Stud cathode and stud anode version
Typical applications:
1, AC/DC converters
2, DC power supplies
3, Machine tool controls
Brand Name
Huajing brand
Model Number
model&3A MD ,MT
Terms of Payment
e.g. L/C at sight or T/T etc