Buy Power Plant Needed ASAP In Southern California

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We are looking for 2 power plants to buy in the Southern California, NC or AZ area. We are retrofitting existing power plants to make them more efficient and less polluting. We are looking at a 50-MW 200MW power plant and it could be more.

If an Indian Casino has a power plant on their property that is not efficient, we can retro fit it as well and reduce and or eliminate all pollution.

If you happen to have any financials, we are willing to complete a non-disclosure agreement with you. These financials have to be submitted to our funders who will verify the projects. If we can get the financials by Monday, they will be submitted by Friday and we will have a decision by the 3rd or 4th week in March.

We are also looking to buy a steel company and concrete company. Part of our project is building a high speed maglev system - American system not the German system.

Price depends on the condition of the equipment, turbines, boilers, pumps, etc.

Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements