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Power Pops: Adult All- Natural Weight Loss & Energy Lollipop

This product addresses the multi-billion Weight-loss and Energy industry. The market is screaming for a product that really works - people are tired of empty promises and want a solution now! Now you can "Eat Candy, Lose Weight, and Get Energy" with our "earth shaking" all natural, breakthrough. These delicious lollipops do not contain Ma Huang, Ephedrine, Caffeine or other types of ingredients that "speed" you up. We have designed an all natural, synergistic blend of herbs that work.

We are able to sell all of our products worldwide and are currently looking for dedicated associates that will sell and promote our products on a daily basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I will email you our wholesale price list if you would like. please contact me as soon as possible.

Have a Powerful, Prosperous, and GREAT 2008!
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Essante Worldwide
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U.S. Gov Patent No 6,982,098