Sell Power Quality Improvement Apparatus

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DFC-B parallel type APF
DFC-B parallel type APF applied with DSP intelligent monitor and on-line current tracing technology to compensate harmonic current dynamically. The response time achieve to 20ms. It is suitable for dives of harmonic source of current type that has serious contaminating the mains power and would require suppression and compensation. Typical example would be: thyristor rectification in a DC speed of control arc furnace and device of rectification, and response time fast. The harmonic, reactive, three voltage unbalance, voltage fluctuation can be compensated.

DFC-C series type APF
DFC-C Series type APF is used for suppression of harmonics voltage in network supply, which total distortion is quite high. It is applied to solve harmonics, voltage fluctuate, voltage flash, three-phase unbalance and power factor low and so on in network supply when the load is sensitive to voltage quality of power network. So the sensitive load can run in normal state after use this equipment. It has been used in communication, oil explore chemical industry etc.

DFC-H hybrid type APF
The traditional L-C passive filter is composed of series capacitor and reactive. It is affected by network supply and the function of capacitor and reactive, the capacitor is easy to resonate with network, resulting in load system unstable operation. If APF is only used, the cost will be expensive. DFC-H hybrid type APFs main characteristic is that it not only can compensate power factor, but also can eliminate harmonics, and the cost is lower than pure APF. This equipment wont resonate with power network, its enhance to safe of system. The equipment is used in high capacity power filter, typical examples are: roll steel, arc furnace, electrolytic cell etc.
DFC-T low voltage power passive filter
The power passive power filter consists of L-C [reactor and capacitor] and use intelligent controller, auto throwing off and switching on, current harmonics elimination efficiency can be 60~90%, power factor can reach to >=0.91~0.95, after use this installation, THD% in main line can be up to public network standard, and can save electric charge about 7~8%. It is used in 0.4~1KV voltage system not only eliminate harmonics but also compensate power factor.
DFC-F untuned type reactive power/filter compensation
Due to over harmonics contents, the cabinet of compensation for the reactive power cannot be used or the capacitor has been damaged after using for 0.4~1KV voltage system. The branches of capacitor series reactive with untuned reactor inductive factor(example 5.5%, 6%, 13%) , the breakage of capacitor can be prevented and the cabinet of reactive power will work normal. The Installation used the structure of module, control of intelligence. It is applied for reactive compensation mainly and suppress harmonics secondly. After compensation the power factor >=0.95 and it suppresses harmonics and saves energy.
LBQ type low voltage intelligent continuous compensation
It can continuously compensate reactive power, making power factor near 1 all the time (the power factor can also be set between 0.80 to 0.99) . It avoids under or over-compensation of the network, makes equipment supply power in best, reduces line lose, saves electricity energy and can be used in the system that rated voltage is 0.4KV.
TBB Series high voltage reactive power compensation
The installation is suitable for the power system of 6-35KV, it is compensated for the reactive power in power system, increasing power factor, adjusting of the net voltage, decreasing line loss of, improving power supply efficiency in power system. It has two types as indoor distribution type and outdoor compact type.