Sell Power-doc management software (looking for agents)

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Simple, easy, fast, absolute software package worthy of taking into the exploitation by you. The file numeral turn, has no paper to turn, sharing for the convenience of the resources, the exaltation administration efficiency, save time, money, manpower.
Any document, picture can through scan to take aim, digital camera or will edit the document to turn directly the electronics document storage establishment image text database, fast complete convenience a great deal of and the complicated file data processing

*Strong search function:
Can search according to region, type, date, document number, bar code, the key word
*Strong Deep path search:
As long as you input the key words about you want, the system will auto search an all data of related topic and build up the file catalogue according to your will quickly.
You no longer because of the text file of miscellaneous disorderly agony, spend a great deal of time to look for the text file. The precious data also can keep permanently
*Make you fast convenience to establish the diagram text data fast establishment document index system.
Apply scope:
company: Various product and components, product catalog, the construction diagram, wealth and properties statement, order, quotation, an invoice
School: Student data form, score list, test paper sample. .
Bank: Award credit loan document and hand over the check, account to print the card, urge to accept to loan the document
Department: Official document, official gazette, newspaper clipping, periodical, diagram draft, the design diagram, property data card