Sell Power inverter sine wave

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We are a professional manufactory of pure sine-wave inverters.
1. Applications
1. Automobile & ship Equipments Series: Military automobiles, police car, Medical ambulance, ships and traffic lights, etc.
2. Industrial Equipments Series: Solar energy, wind power system, metal halogen lights, high-pressure sodium lamp, etc.
3. Office Equipments Series: Computer, printer, monitor, Copier, Scanner, Digital camera & video camera, etc.
4. Household Equipments Series: Dust collector, Electric fan, light, Electric cutter, sewing machine, etc.
5. Kitchen Utensils: Microwave oven, Electromagnetic oven, refrigerator, etc.
6. Electric Tools Series: Electric saw, drill, grinder, presser, weeder, air compressor, etc.
7. Electronics Series: TV, DVD, Video player, power amplifier, audio equipment, monitoring equipment, Terminal equipment, server, intelligent interface, satellite telecommunication equipment, etc.

Input Voltage 12,24,48V DC
Output Voltage 220V AC(-10% ~ +10%)
Maximum Output Power 150W,400w,600w,1000w,1500w,2000w,3000W
Frequency 50HZ(-0.1% ~ +0.1%)
Efficiency OVER 83%
Output Waveform sine wave
Overheated Protection 70